Help us on our journey to deliver improved customer service




We’re asking our tenants to help us to continue improving the services we provide, by completing a short survey which should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

But what’s it all about, we ask about individual experiences in relation to day to day services for repairs etc., now we’d like to know about your overall experience as a customer and to do this we are asking tenants to complete a survey from the Institute of Customer Services.

This will be the start of our journey towards the Service Mark from the Institute of Customer Service.

It’s a national standard, independently recognising an organisation’s achievements in customer services and its commitment to upholding those standards.  Only being awarded to those organisations who can demonstrate exceptional customer service in everything they do.

If you have contacted us within the last 12 weeks you may be selected to take part in the survey, you will receive an invite by text or email, which will include the link to the survey, we’ll also send a message before this by the same method, so that you know the survey link is on its way and is from us.

The survey is anonymous and the answers you provide go directly to the Institute of Customer Service, who will provide us with the overall results of the survey when this is closed.

Feedback from tenants is central to help us focus on the things which matter to you, helping us to develop and deliver services which meet your needs.

That’s how we developed ‘Our Promise’ showing you that we care, want to do our best for you and will be held accountable for what we do.

Help us to do more and deliver excellent services by taking a few moments and completing the survey when it arrives’.