Bernicia Apprenticeships offer flexible opportunities for young people to develop a range of skills they will need as they set off on their journey to successful employment.

Everyone is different; so is our approach

Young people are often disadvantaged in the labour market as they lack the experince and job specific skills employers ask for.

Bernicia is different; we recognise the benefit of investing in young people on their journey (often into the unknown) and want to help them develop as the workforce of the future.

The inclusive Runway Programme for 14-24 year olds ranges from a few days work experience to 12 months internships, three-year apprenticeships and four-year trainee programmes.

We want to be inclusive and will work out a solution to bring out the  very best in people. Some people are already on their way to to success so we’ll help to get them further. Some may not be able to travel alone due to a physical or learning disability so we’ll give them more support along the way. And some may have had bad experiences in the past so we’ll see how we can smooth out their future.

Our latest vacancies

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Multi Skilled Gas Plumber

Job Type: Permanent - Full Time

Salary: £32,374 per annum.

Location: Spennymoor, Durham

Multi-Skilled Electrician

Job Type: Permanent - Full Time

Salary: £32,374 per annum.

Location: Ashington

Asset Surveyor

Job Type: Permanent - Full Time

Salary: £31,013 (inclusive of car allowance).

Location: Pity Me

Head of Property

Job Type: Permanent - Full Time

Salary: up to £68,337 (Including car allowance)

Location: .