Carbon monoxide detectors to be fitted to homes

We’ll be starting important work this weekend to ensure carbon monoxide detectors are fitted in all tenant’s homes that need them.

New Government legislation will shortly mean that landlords have to ensure that every one of their homes which has a combustible appliance – eg a boiler or gas fire – has a carbon monoxide detector installed in the same room.

These devices give an early alarm warning to householders to leave their home if they detect the odourless gas in the property.

The majority of our homes already have carbon monoxide detectors fitted as part of our regular gas servicing work, but we will be installing detectors in those homes that don’t have them, by the end of September.

Please be assured this doesn’t in any way mean your appliance is unsafe. These alarms are an additional measure, designed to provide an early warning should carbon monoxide be detected at above normal levels.

Our teams will be working outside of normal working hours – that’s evenings and Saturday and Sundays – from this weekend to fit these devices.

It won’t take long; our trained staff shouldn’t be in your home for any longer than half an hour.

The devices will be fitted with an adhesive tape on the ceiling or wall near to the gas appliance.

We’ll be writing to tenants requiring a carbon monoxide detector, and texting whenever possible, to let them know when the work will be happening in their area.

Our staff will carry identification to verify who they are when they call at your home.

Please ask to see this before allowing them to enter your home. If you have any doubts, please call us on 0344 800 3800.

All we ask is that you allow our staff access when they call to fit your carbon monoxide detector.

It’s important that we fit these alarms so please work with us and allow us access to your home.