Bernicia's £2.5m heating programme to make homes warmer and cut bills

Hundreds of Bernicia homes across the North East are being fitted with new boilers in a £2.5m upgrade programme.

The North East housing association is replacing old boilers with new energy efficient units in 750 properties – with homes also being fitted with new pipework and radiators where required.

The 2023-24 heating programme is underway starting in Berwick and will work its way south through the North East, completing in Hartlepool next April.

The work is being delivered by RE:GEN Group and is part of Bernicia’s wider £70m investment into major improvement works in its homes and communities over the next three years.

Tenants will benefit from modern energy efficient boilers and thermostatic controls to radiators, which will further improve the efficiency of the heating systems in their homes, helping them better manage energy useage and cut fuel bills.

Bernicia tenant Maureen Ditchfield, 88, has a new Baxi boiler fitted into her bungalow in Spittal, near Berwick, where she has lived for the past 25 years.

“I like living here, it’s quiet and you never get tired of the view looking over to Berwick from the back garden,” she said.

“It can get cold with the wind off the sea in the back of the house, so it’s good to know that new boiler is fitted to keep the place warmer in the winter. All the lads who fitted the boiler were no bother at all, no mess and no fuss.”

Paul Galbraith. RE:GEN project manager, said: “The old boilers have come to the end of their lifespan and need replacing.

“The boilers we are installing are highly energy efficient fitted with Magna Clean filters to remove impurities from the heating system to improve performance and longevity.

“Tenants will notice an immediate difference in the efficiency of their boilers, better performance and warmer homes.”

Tony Armstrong, Bernicia commercial and programme manager, said: “We are investing £2.5m into improving heating in our housing stock in this financial year.

“We’re also fitting new thermostatic radiator valves and thermostats where they are needed – all aimed at making people’s homes as warm and energy efficient as they can be, helping cut energy bills at a time when we know the cost pressures our tenants face.”