'Don't suffer in silence' - Bernicia backs ASB Awareness Week

Bernicia is backing a national campaign to make communities safer by tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB).

ASB Awareness Week 2023 aims to encourage communities to take a stand against ASB and highlight the support available to help people affected by it. We know that ASB can devastate the lives of victims and communities and people don’t have to suffer in silence.

Organised by Resolve, the UK’s leading ASB and community safety organisation, the campaign is focused on the impact of anti-social behaviour on young people and the importance of engaging with the wider public about their role in tackling ASB.

YouGov research shows that almost one in six people has considered moving home because of the impact ASB was having on them and their lives

From July 3 to July 7, we will be highlighting the positive work that is going on to improve engagement and community confidence around ASB reporting and how we keep you and your neighbourhood safe.

Bernicia is urging tenants not to suffer in silence and to report it to sort it:

Our experienced team of ASB specialists support tenants with a wide range of anti-social behaviour cases and are ready to help when you need them. We work with a range of partners, including police, to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour is activity that causes nuisance, annoyance, alarm, or distress to an individual or the wider community.

Examples are:

  • Violence, threats of violence or intimidation
  • Vandalism, graffiti and criminal damage
  • Harassment, hate crime and domestic abuse
  • Unreasonable and excessive noise
  • Reckless use of motor vehicles
  • The misuse of fireworks
  • Intimidating groups taking over public spaces
  • Criminal activities, including drug offences and the use of weapons

Rebecca Bryant OBE, Chief Executive of Resolve, said: “We are delighted that Bernicia is supporting this hugely important campaign – it’s vital to develop partnership approaches across communities to deal with the growing challenges around ASB.

“ASB is not low level. It can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on the lives of victims and communities and can be a precursor to more serious crime.”

Daniel Finn, Bernicia Anti-Social Behaviour Team Leader, said: “Bernicia work closely with our tenants and local communities to understand their problems and work with our partners to tackle them.

“I’d urge any Bernicia tenant who is suffering from anti-social behaviour to contact us, and we will work with them to help resolve the matter and give them peace of mind.”