Top new posts for Jenny and Lindsay

We are delighted to celebrate International Women’s Day with the announcement of two fantastic new appointments to our Senior Leadership Team.

Jenny Allinson will be joining us as Director of Corporate Governance, alongside Lindsay Muers, Assistant Director of People Services.

Jenny brings a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience to the role, to act as Bernicia’s advisor on all matters relating to Corporate Governance, keeping pace with rapidly changing environments, to ensure we continue to comply with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Given the social and economic effects of Covid, we have advanced plans to review our Corporate strategy; ensuring we use our financial strength, capacity, insight and intelligence to do all that we can to deliver valuable impact for our communities and region.

Jenny will support the research and development of our strategy, helping us to set clear strategic objectives, measures and targets, that reflect our strong vision and ambitions for the future, and the type of organisation Bernicia has become.

Jenny will also oversee our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, ensuring we capture and optimise a spectrum of activities focusing on social and financial inclusion, that are designed to support our communities across the North East.

We know achieving such ambitious plans relies upon on the success of our greatest asset – our people.
As Assistant Director of People Services, Lindsay Muers will ensure our people feel part of something that has meaning, are clear on what success looks like and are trusted, respected and valued for their unique contribution.

Lindsay’s breadth of experience across both public and private sector industries will help us maintain, and strengthen, our unique Bernicia Way culture through the challenging, yet exciting times ahead, so we remain a dynamic, modern and forward-thinking employer, that continues to retain, develop and attract talented people, who feel confident, supported and valued.

International Women’s day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We’re sure that the enthusiasm, commitment and curiosity that both Jenny and Lindsay bring, will give us even more of these achievements to celebrate, through their contribution to our continued success.