New apprentices start careers with Bernicia

It’s a big week this week for our new apprentices as they begin their new roles with Bernicia.

Our Chief Executive John Johnston and our employability team have welcomed the young people aged 16-22-years-old into the business.

They’ve already enjoyed a fantastic team building day at the Sunderland Wall indoor climbing centre and are now looking forward to earning a wage while they learn the skills and attributes needed to perform successfully in teams across our business.

Our new apprentices are:

  • Dane Hopper – Apprentice Joiner
  • Janick Jackson – Apprentice Joiner
  • Ewan McGregor – Apprentice Joiner
  • Finlay Dawson – Business Administration Apprentice
  • Ryan Owen – Trainee Joiner
  • Sophie Dixon – Business Administration Apprentice
  • Christina Elsdon – Housing Apprentice
  • Brendan Haigh – Multi-Skilled Apprentice
  • Justin White – Business Administration Apprentice

The new recruits will spend between 18 months and four years on the programme, in paid employment combined with one day’s training per week with local colleges and learning providers.

Over the past twelve years, around 75 young people have successfully completed their apprenticeships at Bernicia in roles spanning electricians, joiners, plumbers, plasterers and bricklayers through to housing assistants, IT support, procurement specialists and business administrators.

And over 95% of those apprentices have chosen to stay and pursue their careers with Bernicia, with some rising to senior roles within the business.

Jackie Johnson, Bernicia employability manager, said: “We have recruited a high quality, dynamic and resilient group of young people who are ready to start their careers in the world of work with Bernicia at our Ashwood and Durham offices.

“Bernicia is a great place to work and they are getting the best possible start with good career prospects and development opportunities.

“I don’t think there is anywhere quite like here in terms of the colleague support they will receive, mentoring and leadership as well as pastoral support to ensure their welfare.

“There’s a bit of everything really at Bernicia.

“We’re especially proud to see Justin White starting his assisted apprenticeship with our compliance team after his successful supported internship with the team.

“Justin is our first assisted apprentice through a training provider for people with special educational needs and we are thrilled to see him doing so well.”

Jackie added: “It’s so rewarding for us to watch our apprentices mature during their apprenticeship, to see their self-confidence grow and how they apply the skills they learn.

“These are life-long skills which will be the foundation of their careers and we wish them all every success.”