Can you help drive forward our Customer Service Excellence plans?

For over 60 years Bernicia has maintained its reputation as one of the country’s leading housing providers – so we’re off to a running start.

To further build on that excellent reputation I’m delighted to be leading Bernicia’s refreshed and reinvigorated commitment to Customer Service Excellence, and I’m looking for an experienced operational project manager, with expertise in driving a customer centric experience, to help deliver our ambitions.

We’re taking a holistic approach, focused on; strategy and culture, customer involvement, insight and intelligence, customer centric processes and colleague empowerment and engagement. Given there’s so many moving parts we’ve already assembled an internal team of highly skilled and committed colleagues, each with a specific interest and focus.

So, what we need now is someone with the determination, expertise and energy to help us maintain momentum, design and deliver some elements and stay focused on the objective – delivering Customer Service Excellence.

We expect you’ll be needed round 8 days a month for around 12 months, and we’re reasonably relaxed about how we’ll engage you – either directly or through a consultancy business.

Whilst we’re operating hub, home and roam working arrangements, we’re a social business in every sense of the word, and think the infectious nature of innovation,  ingenuity and progress is best spread by working alongside colleagues, so part of your time will likely be spent working from one of our offices either close to the beautiful Northumberland coastline, or the historic cathedral city of Durham.

If this opportunity interests you, and you have the expertise and energy to add value, and stay focused on the end game, then please get in touch with your CV or expression of interest to 0r ring 0191 238 3841 for a discussion or for more information.

Through a determination and willingness to help each person, we can enhance a community and ultimately help transform our region.