Stop abuse

Everyone has a right to live a life free from violence, fear, abuse and neglect. Here's some information to help you and others to keep safe from harm.

Stop Abuse Guide

You may be experiencing abuse yourself or have concerns about someone, whether or not you know them well. They may tell you something that has
happened to them or you may see or hear something happening to someone that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. You can help stop the abuse.

Helping a person experiencing abuse is easy, all you need to do is share your concerns with us or your local authority’s safeguarding team. Your call may just be the one bit of help that’s needed to get the help and support to stop the abuse.

  • You can tell a member of staff at Bernicia in person or by contacting us on 0344 800 3800
  • Contact Adult Social Care based at your local Council.
  • If someone is in immediate danger, you should contact emergency services by dialling 999.