Your Say, Services Your Way

As part of our biggest ever programme of tenant consultation we’re asking thousands of tenants across the North East to help ensure the services we deliver match their needs.

We’re committed to giving tenants their say on the services we deliver every day, such as the maintenance of their homes, neighbourhood management, rent and customer experience.

The ‘Your Say, Services Your Way’ campaign will reach tenants through social media, text, email and telephone calls, gathering information which will be analysed and acted upon.

We’ll inform tenants later this year/early next year how their feedback will shape the future delivery of services.

John Johnston, chief executive at Bernicia, said: “We care about our tenants and know that how we do things is just as important as what we do.

“We have a long track record of working closely with our tenants and we set ourselves high standards to make sure that we’re providing top notch services as well as quality homes.

“We know our best decisions are made through our Board, staff and tenants working together.

“The insight and intelligence we’ll gather from this campaign will help shape the future of our services and make sure we continue to succeed in our objectives of delivering exceptional services, and investing in homes, neighbourhoods and communities.”

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