View from a bridge – three of them!

Bernicia Finance and Insurance Officer Caroline Hodgson will be leading an intrepid band of air cadets on a three suspension bridges challenge.

In her volunteering role as sergeant with the Royal Air Force Cadets, Caroline (pictured) will lead a party of six cadets from 2505 Bishop Auckland Squadron crossing the three longest suspension bridges in England, Scotland and Wales.

Over 36 hours, Caroline and the teenage cadets will march over:

  • The Forth Road Bridge – 36th longest suspension bridge in the world measuring 1,006 metres
  • The Humber Bridge – 9th longest suspension bridge in the world measuring 1,410 metres
  • The Severn Bridge – 38th longest suspension bridge in the world measuring 988 metres

Bernicia has backed their adventure – beginning tomorrow (Friday August 30) – with a contribution from its Community Investment Fund to pay for logoed clothing publicising their expedition.

Caroline said: “During the Duke of Edinburgh season when in my assessor role,  Flight Lieutenant Ian Pepper and I have time to talk and come up with crazy ideas that we turn into something interesting and challenging for cadets and us to do.

“At the start of the year we talked about the Three Peak challenge and how great it is to do and how some of our cadets would love to do it, but that others would find it physically challenging.

“We said how it was a shame there wasn’t something else that was easier for everyone to do – and that is how our three bridges challenge was born.

“The aim is to walk across and back again over the three longest suspension bridges in the UK, so starting on Friday morning we are walking the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland.

“Then we’re heading down into England and walking the Humber Bridge before travelling to the Welsh border and walking the Severn Bridge on Saturday morning.

“It’s a total of over 12,000 metres walking but as one of two drivers I don’t want to calculate the driving miles! All local authorities and police have been informed and have set up welcoming parties to keep us going.

“We have had to give ourselves some spare time to enable us to complete the challenge due to traffic and weather conditions so we have decided to call it the 3,2,1 Challenge. (3 bridges, 2 days, 1 great adventure).”

Caroline added: “I’m so grateful to Bernicia for purchasing the T-shirts for this event. With our moto displayed on the back of the T-shirts, it will help us to engage with the general public and talk about our challenge, as well as helping to promote our blue footprint and continue to receive sponsorship for our challenge throughout the weekend.”