Life in lockdown: Joan’s story

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve been keeping in touch with tenants and work has continued with the involved tenants group. Joan (pictured on the right in the above pic at an event held pre-lockdown ), is one of the tenants we’ve been working with. Here’s her story.

“Lockdown has finally begun to be eased and it is great that some normality is slowly returning for many. My experience of this time is one that has meant I’ve not left my home until just last week as I’m considered high risk.

“Four months not leaving the house has certainly been a long time, made easier as I have a lovely son and grandson. My son continues to do my shopping and anything else I need. We talk regularly either on the phone and when he drops the shopping off, have a chat but continue to do so at a good distance apart. I don’t know what I would do without him.

“I live on my own, my friends’ phone me and I them. I like to read autobiographies which I enjoy and find uplifting. I watch TV and if it’s warm I sit in the garden. I very much enjoy Coronation Street having watched this over the years, it’s a great soap with interesting characters and story lines that often portray real live challenges. My cooking speciality is chocolate cake, whenever I make it I get many requests for a slice…or two!!

“It’s been good to keep involved with tenant involvement work including monitoring performance through our Check and Challenge meeting (held this time via several ways from Facebook, email and over the phone – which I did after receiving agenda items in the post). Also being able to provide my views on the resumption of services and helping to develop this year’s Tenants Annual Report. 

“During lockdown after several weeks had past, I suggested to my son that he could sit in the back garden as I have a side entrance to my home meaning he didn’t need to come into the house. Sitting a safe distance away it was nice to have a long chat and some company. However, my neighbours whom are lovely were so used to me sitting in the back garden on my own during these past weeks hadn’t seen David at the bottom of the garden! Initially hearing me talking away they shouted over asking if I was ok, most likely thinking I had started to go a bit ‘dippy’ ha-ha obviously at that point I explained and at the same time David shouted across letting them know he was there! 

“As we see a slow return to some semblance of normality, I remain positive however will need to continue to be very careful, I do miss seeing my friends and pray that we continue to make progress with getting a vaccination for this virus.”