Housing services start to return for tenants

Working closely with tenants throughout Covid-19 impacts has helped us modify and prioritise the design and delivery of services to meet their changing needs and expectations.

In recent weeks this has focused on the re-introduction of the full range of services we offer to thousands of people as Coronavirus restrictions are eased.

Through our ‘Check and Challenge’ groups, tenants have considered current government guidance alongside the needs of tenants and communities. We have worked together to determine how and when services should be resumed, and the priority these should take, always placing safety at the forefront of our decision-making process.

As a result, we re-commenced our full allocations service on 21 May so that the properties we had ready and waiting could become homes to the people that need them.

Our full repairs and maintenance service is now back up and running.  In March we had to move quickly to defer routine repairs and focus on emergency repairs only.  We’ve now re-scheduled those deferred routine repairs and opened our systems to re-commence full delivery from 15th June 2020.

Working in external environments, such as fencing, roofs and estate maintenance has also resumed, where this can be delivered by one person or where social distancing can be maintained. 

We’re re-profiling our home and estate environment investment programme to make sure we continue to invest in our homes and neighbourhoods for the continued benefit of residents.

And it’s construction time again too, with work starting up to build new housing to help tackle the demand for quality new homes and to meet the diverse needs of our communities.

John Johnston, Chief Executive said “We wanted to have absolute clarity from tenants about how and when services should be re-introduced.  Having a committed and engaged panel of tenants supporting us in this has been invaluable and gives us confidence that our services will continue to meet tenants’ changing needs and expectations, now and in the future”.