Gold status for Bernicia’s fleet

Gold Fleet status for Bernicia fleet

Bernicia’s conscientious property maintenance team has struck gold while going green and helping the environment.

Cutting edge technology from Masternaut has been fitted into 90 vans operating out of the Ashington, Berwick and Durham offices to monitor fuel efficiency and help cut CO2 emissions.

Every two months, drivers sit down with managers to look at their driving behaviour from information supplied by the on-board technology and see where they can cut down on fuel use.

This regular review has maximised fuel efficiency, reduced C02 emissions and improved driving standards.

Simple measures such as braking less sharply, cornering better and not having the engine idling whilst stopped in traffic are cutting fuel consumption.

Small details, but which when added together have landed Bernicia official ‘Gold Fleet Status’ for outperforming the Masternaut benchmark for fuel efficiency.

Masternaut recognise its greenest customers with a ‘Gold Fleet Status’ certificate which is winging its way in the post to the Bernicia team.

Masternaut is one of the longest standing vehicle tracking companies in the UK. It uses telematics technology installed in vehicles to transmit data, such as speed and location, to help businesses manage their fleet operations more effectively.

The award demonstrates Bernicia’s commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy to manage environmental issues – and its ongoing commitment to operating a greener vehicle fleet.

Transportation is recognised as the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.

Running an efficient fleet is good for the environment by reducing emissions and good for a company’s bottom line by reducing fuel use and expenditure.

Bernicia plans to install Masternaut technology into the remainder of its Durham fleet currently without it when it takes delivery of new vans later this year.