Ashington couple get keys to “forever home”

New bungalow shared owners Hazel and Con Watson with the keys to their new home

Hazel and Con Watson are looking forward to life in their new dream bungalow after being handed the keys by Bernicia.

The couple spent months looking forward to the day they could turn the key in the front door of their two-bedroom property in Green Lane, Ashington.

It’s one of eight bungalows for shared ownership and rent built in the popular residential area close to the town centre and its amenities.

It was a huge decision for Hazel, 71,  and 76-year-old Con to make the move from their home of 39 years in Beatrice Street in Ashington.

But Hazel feels she will be better able to manage her Osteoarthritis and breathing difficulties in a property with no stairs and level access.

“We used to come down three times a week and peek through the fence to see it being built, we just wanted to keep looking at it,” said Hazel, a former machinist at the town’s now closed Dewhurst clothing factory.

“When I first saw it I thought ‘my god, this is lovely,” said Hazel. “It’s more than we could have hoped for – this is it now, our forever home.”

Hazel and her husband Con, a former miner and security guard, are now unpacking their furniture and looking forward to settling into their new home.

Hazel used to live in the local area and has already met up with friends who are pleased to see her living nearby again.

The Green Lane new build two and three bedroom bungalows are part of Bernicia’s strategic programme to build at least 650 new homes in the North East by 2023.