Annette and Dan help homeless man off the streets

Bernicia housing officers Annette Aldred and Dan Brown who heloed a homless man get a roof over his head

A man homeless for over a year is now building a brighter future in a Bernicia property thanks to the diligence of housing officers Annette Aldred and Dan Brown. (pictured)

They moved quickly to support the man who contacted Bernicia looking for help after being homeless and rough sleeping for 14 months in Durham City.

He is now off the streets and living in a one bedroom flat in Durham – and glowing in his praise of the help Annette and Dan gave him.

“I rang him and spoke with him and did a partial interview over the phone as there wasn’t a lot he could tell me at that time,” said Annette.

“We went through properties that I had available for him. They were two bedroom properties and we really wanted a one bedroom property so bedroom tax and under occupation wouldn’t become an issue.

“I knew though that Dan possibly had suitable properties and emailed him to ask if he had anything to help this gentleman out.

“Dan got in touch with him, spoke with him and managed to be able to house him into one of our one bed properties.

“It’s a great feeling for us to be able to help a gentleman who had been rough sleeping for months, especially in mid-winter.

“We were over the moon, we really were. Our team are the kind of people who will always try to help and to be able to support someone in desperate need is extra special.

“He now has a roof over his head, with heating, out of the cold and safe as well.”

The man, now a Bernicia tenant, said: “I have to say that both housing officers that were here on the day I got the keys did a fantastic job.

“Both were very friendly and professional.”