Privacy Policy

This privacy notice explains how we may use the information we hold about you to enable us to perform our business duties and provide our services to you.

We (Bernicia Group) are the Data Controller for any information we hold about you. We are responsible for the collection, processing, storage and security of that information. We take its privacy and security very seriously. We store and process your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation.

What information do we hold?

We hold details of both our current and past residents and also details of people who have applied or expressed an interest in becoming a resident.

The information we hold includes;

  • Name, address and contact details.
  • Gender and date of birth.
  • Bank details.
  • Rent and service charge details.
  • Details of income such as earnings, benefit and other entitlements.
  • Details of any contact e.g. by phone, post or email.
  • Personal characteristic information.
    • In some cases, we may also hold the following information

      • Health and care details.
      • Details of other agencies that may be helping you and information provided to us by them.
      • Details of complaints.
      • Records of anti-social behaviour and criminal activities.
      • Any other information which comes into our possession while going about our business.

Where do we get the information from?

We get most of the information we hold directly from you. This may be via a form you have filled in such as a tenancy agreement or ‘about you’ form or via a conversation we have had with you such as on the telephone, in person or in writing. We also sometimes gain information about you from third parties such as a reference from another landlord, housing benefit departments, social services or health professionals.

Keeping up to date

We want to make sure that the information we hold about you is up to date. To help us in doing this, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if any of your information changes. We may also, from time to time, request updated information from you by writing to you or contacting you.

How we will use your information when applying for a home

If you apply for a home with us, we will collect information about you and the people you will be living with. We will ask you where you are living at the moment and where you have been living in the past. We will ask you about financial circumstances including any earnings, benefits and details of any mortgage or rent arrears you may have. We will also ask you about any medical problems, disabilities and special requirements you may have.

We will use this information to find the best property to suit your circumstances. Failure to provide all of the information we ask for may make it more difficult for us to find you the right home.

How we will use your information when you are a tenant

We use information about our tenants to enable us to;

  • Collect rent and service charges from you.
  • Contact you about things that may affect you.
  • Arrange repairs to your property.
  • Deal with anti-social behaviour.
  • Protect the people living in our properties including children and vulnerable adults.
  • Making sure that utility bills and council tax are paid up to date.
  • Improve our service to you and other tenants.
  • Investigate fraud or other criminal activity.

This may involve sharing your information with other organisations such as our carefully selected repairs contractors or getting information about you such as details of unpaid bills.

If we need to use your information for any other purpose we will, where possible, let you know in advance.

When your tenancy ends, we will keep your information for a specified amount of time. This is so that we can provide references for you to another landlord, help you to pay any outstanding rent or service charges or deal with any unresolved issues from your tenancy. We will also need certain information for regulatory or statistical purposes.

Who will we share your information with?

We often need to share your information with other organisations in order to deliver our services to you and maintain your home and your tenancy.

The table below shows examples of who we will share information with and why.

What Who Why
Rent, service charge, address, occupant details, tenancy details, other information to prevent fraud Housing benefit, council tax and other council departments To prevent fraud / legal requirement
Details about your housing application Local council To process your housing application
Name, address, contact details, property information, repairs information, some profile information Repairs contractors To arrange repairs to your home or to deliver goods
Name, address, tenancy information, tenancy agreement/lease, forwarding address Utility companies, council tax departments To assist in the recovery of charges
Details of pending eviction Homeless department and appropriate agencies Assist in preventing homelessness
Information about anti-social behaviour, crime and alleged crime Police and local council To try to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour
Name, address, contact details, profile information, personal information Support services / agencies To provide specialist support
Supporting people funding details Supporting people authorities To assist in getting the right funding
Arrears information, tenant information, name, address, contact details, forwarding address Solicitors, courts and debt collection agencies To collect unpaid rent and service charges
Insurance claim details Our insurance providers and their agents To process insurance claims
Regulatory information The Homes and Communities Agency Processing of statutory returns
Various information Auditors / consultants To obtain endorsement of the accuracy and integrity of our data, controls and systems

From time to time we may also share your information where we are legally required to do so.

Keeping your information secure

All of the information we hold about you is held securely in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We will not share your information in any way other than in the ways that have been explained in this document other than where we are required to do so by law or in extreme circumstances such as a life or death situation.

When you contact us, we will ask questions to verify your identity before discussing your information with you or making any changes to your account or information. You may choose to have somebody else act on your behalf however we will ask you to complete and provide the relevant documentation to verify this decision.


From time to time your photograph may be taken, for example at one of our events. With your permission, photographs of you may be used on our website, publications such as newsletters or brochures and in press releases.

Your rights

You have the right to access the information we hold about you. If you would like to see the information we hold about you, or request a copy of it, or if you have any other concerns regarding the data we hold about you, please contact us using the details below. In order for us to deal with your enquiry effectively, please title your enquiry ‘Access to the personal information you hold about me’. or call 0844 800 3800