Learning Hive reap the rewards of their hard work

Residents attending the Bedlington Learning Hive have been working together to nurture and grow a range of vegetables in the Hive’s allotment garden under the careful supervision of Bernicia’s Resident and Involvement team.

This week they were able to reap the rewards of their hard work, unearthing a healthy supply of potatoes, onions, carrots & beetroot.

The vegetables have been sold to residents, giving those within the community access to affordable produce, and supporting the Hive’s aim of promoting healthy eating.

This years’ harvest raised approximately £20, and these funds will be used to purchase new seeds and compost for next years’ crop, and will enable residents to continue to meet up regularly, tend the allotment, and learn more about successful vegetable growing.

Steve Burke, Resident & Community Development team leader at Bernicia, said “The allotment team have worked brilliantly to grow these veg, and it was great to see the wheelbarrow full of fresh, home grown produce finally appear.

“As an organisation, Bernicia is committed to supporting communities, and the Learning Hive is a great asset, offering a place for residents to meet up and learn new skills”

The Bedlington Learning Hive offers a range of educational and learning programmes, which includes CV writing, How to Find Work, Money Management, IT, and hands-on learning activities such as cookery and vegetable growing. The Hive is staffed and funded through the Northern Learning Trust, and supported by staff from Bernicia’s Resident and Community Development Team.

Anyone interested in participating in any of the courses, or activities, should contact Nicola Robinson at the Bedlington Hive, 15 Burnside, Bedlington Station, 01670 824940.