Corporate Strategy 2018- 2023

Early last year we consulted with a range of external stakeholders to support the development of our new corporate strategy. This included representatives from Local Authorities, Funders, Partner Agencies and peer Housing Providers.

Respondents were asked a series of questions around their own priorities, followed by how we might support their aims, what we could do more of or differently, how they would prioritise the wider contribution we could make and our strengths and weaknesses in doing so.

We really appreciated the quantity and quality of responses, all of which have informed our forthcoming Corporate Strategy.

It was great to be assured that we maintain an excellent reputation, that our skills and expertise are highly valued by our stakeholders and that the work we do makes a real difference to communities.

We are encouraged by the feedback and remain firmly focussed on the positive impact we can make in the North East, through working collaboratively with a range of valued partners.

Of particular importance will be the continued investment in our existing homes and services and increased investment in new housing developments, across a range of wide range of property types and tenures. When making investments we will aim to maximise both employment and supply chain opportunities.

We’re just putting the final touches to our Corporate Strategy and look forward to sharing this with you soon.