Tenants Annual Report 2014/15

Another year helping to create places where people want to live.

In the simplest terms, that’s what we’re in business for.  Everything we do is aimed at maintaining and improving the quality of accommodation our tenants live in and making sure we provide the right services at the right standards.

A good starting point to show you how we do this is where we left off last year when we told you what we planned to do in 2014/15 – lets see if we did what we said ….

  • A further £10.4 million investment in existing homes means that 194 households can enjoy the benefits of a new kitchen as well as 112 newly refurbished bathrooms. There’ll be warmer winters for hundreds of people through energy efficient measures installed in 653 homes, with our tenants now feeling the warmth and not the pinch as fuel bills reduce.
  • We welcomed 52 tenants into brand new homes and started on site building a further 90.
  • Our retirement village in Ashington is well on the way to completion, with excitement growing amongst residents of Northumberland Close and AJ Cook Court who will be moving there in 2016.
  • Improvements to Burnside in Bedlington have not been without problems, but we are still on course to deliver our promise to transform the estate and homes with investment of £3.5 million.
  • Repairs appointments are offered to suit tenants with the final changes being made to fully deliver our revised service standards.
  • Welfare reforms presented tough challenges, in response to these we continued to offer advice to those affected and keep a close watch on what’s coming next.

These are just a flavour of what’s been achieved over the last year so we hope you will read on to find out more about our highlights and performance during 2014/15.

Tenants Report